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UNM's interactive map can help you find parking, libraries, shuttle stops, dining, computer pods, and more.

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Discounted annual licensing for Faculty and Staff for personal use. See FastInfo #7256 for more information.

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Software, technical and business online training modules are available to all UNM faculty, staff, and students. Go to and log in.


Antivirus Software for Your Computer

Every UNM NetID owner may obtain at no charge, antivirus software for their personal computer. See the Antivirus page for more information.

IT News

  1. NSF Awards UNM IT $150k Grant

    microsoft logo The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded UNM Information Technologies a $150,000 grant for Fall 2015 to advance the educational and research capacities of smaller colleges and universities throughout New Mexico, and in bordering areas of Arizona and Texas.

    UNM Chief Information Officer and Principal Investigator for the grant, Gil Gonzales, commented that "This award recognizes the role of UNM as the flagship higher education institution to use technology to advance research, education and economic development statewide. Our partnerships with New Mexico State University, Co-Principal Investigator, and New Mexico Tech, are key in this state-wide endeavor." more ...

  2. Windows 10 and You

    microsoft logo Microsoft released the latest version of its flagship OS, Windows 10, on July 29th. Many of you have likely seen a small Microsoft symbol floating in your taskbar the last few weeks, and some may have even clicked on it to upgrade.

    IT strongly discourages users from upgrading to Windows 10 until compatibility testing for UNM Enterprise Applications have been completed. If you do upgrade, you may encounter problems with enterprise applications. more ...

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