About Information Technologies

The IT Organization is overseen by the Office of the CIO and consists of five main areas: Applications, Classroom Technologies, Computing Platforms, Customer Service, and Networks.

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IT Mission

To provide quality and professional service to the UNM community, especially fast response and timely solutions to customer needs and questions.

Principles guiding this service consolidation include:

  • Providing access, support, privacy, and security to all of the University's IT customers.
  • Improving the effectiveness of IT services and sharing IT resources across UNM.
  • Supporting UNM's mission, goals, and values.
  • Coordinating IT planning and communication for better use of resources.
  • Ensuring the development and sustainability of high IT standards for UNM.
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IT Vision

IT envisions a future in which UNM’s dynamic learning communities have limitless access to individualized information, unfettered by technology and distance.


  • Students, faculty, and staff flourish in an environment where ideas are spontaneously created and knowledge is shared, enriching the academic experience.
  • Economic development is substantially improved by a competitive workforce that effectively accesses and applies information to meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving world.

This information-enabled culture establishes New Mexico as a leader for innovation and life-long learning that enhances the overall quality of life.

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UNM Values

Provide quality decisions and actions through our people, programs, and outcomes.

Manage our resources wisely, keep our promises, and ensure accountability to our students, the community, and all who serve UNM’s mission.

Strengthen our university, our community, and our society.

Encourage inquiry, candor, creative activity, and the pursuit of ideas.

Meet the needs of the present while preserving the well being of future generations.

Access with Support to Succeed
Build trust, inspire collaboration, and ensure teamwork essential to UNM's success.

Respectful Relationships
Offer all who desire the opportunity to take full advantage of the wealth of UNM resources and be fully included in the UNM community.