Request NetID for a Department or Chartered Student Organization

NetIDs are available for UNM departments and chartered student organizations (Student Clubs). These NetIDs may be used for e-mail, space for a web page, and file storage.

Department and Club NetIDs are requested using the self service program at Help.UNM.  The online form includes the option to ask for a web site  as part of the same ticket.

Who must approve the account

Department: Department Chair, Program Director, or equivalent position.

Chartered Student Organization: Student Activities Director.

Who may request the account

Department: The requestor should be the primary owner of the account.

Chartered Student Organization: The requestor should be one of the designated club officers.

The requestor should follow these steps to start the process

  1. Login to Help.UNM with your NetID and password.
  2. Click Make a Request.
  3. Go to the Information Security and Account Access sub-category to find the Department or Club NetID Access Request form.
  4. Follow the instructions on the form to submit.

After the request has been submitted, the information goes to IT for review. For department NetIDs, an approval request e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address listed under Departmental Sponsor/Approver with instructions.

For chartered student organizations, the request will go to Student Activities for approval. When IT receives that approval, the creation process will start. The requestor should be able track the ticket status by logging into Help.UNM.


  • Departmental web sites may use PHP or MySQL, but you must backup and restore your own MySQL database content. IT will backup and restore your web content but not the database.
  • Each department is responsible for developing, debugging, and maintaining its web site content.