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  • LoboWeb Registration Unavailable 8/30 8-10 am

    Due to enrollment cancellation processing, Student Registration will be unavailable Saturday, August 30, from 8am to 10am."
    Period: Saturday, August 30, from 8am to 10am.


  • LoboTime Link Added to MyUNM, 9/4

    To improve access to LoboTime, configuration changes will be completed on September 4, 2014 to allow access to this application via the following URL: or by following a new link added to the UNM Business Applications section of the Employee Life tab within the MyUNM portal ( Access to this application via the current URL will remain functional; however, potential changes to this URL by the vendor may prevent access in the future; therefore, it is recommended that any saved bookmarks or shortcuts to the current URL be changed to

    Please refer to ITAlerts ( for additional information or updates and contact the UNM IT Service Desk at 277-575 or help.unm should you have any questions."
    Period: 9/4
  • LoboWeb and Banner Unavailable, Saturday 9/6 8-10am

    To comply with vendor support recommendations and to resolve some known issues with Oracle forms (used by Banner INB), the following services will be unavailable Saturday, September 6th between 8am and 10am while forms patches are applied:
    Internet Native Banner
    Bursar Account Suite (TouchNet)
    Affiliate Benefits Web Site
    Period: Saturday 9/6 8-10am
  • AppWorx Unavailable, 9/6 8am-11am

    To stay updated with vendor changes and corrections, AppWorx service will be unavailable on Saturday, 9/6/2014, between 8am and 11am while a software upgrade is applied."
    Period: 9/6 8am-11am
  • Selected Windows Services Unavailable 9/7 8am-5pm

    To allow file backups to continue to work on older Windows servers, the following services (in parentheses) will be unavailable on Sunday, September 7, between 8am and 5pm while the TSM clients are upgraded on the respective servers:
    HYPER01 (Hyperion)
    HYPER02 (Hyperion)
    HYPER11 (Hyperion)
    HYPER12 (Hyperion)
    CFA-1 (College of Fine Arts SQL)
    CFA-2 (College of Fine Arts File/Print)
    HYPER36 (Hyperion)
    STT-WEB (HR STT App Training SW)
    BBER-1 (BBER file server)
    CCUREITS (CCURE Bldg access)
    DGRFS-0 (DGR File Server)
    EMU (Citrix web server)
    HR-SQL (SQL)
    HR-WEB (InProcess)
    HYPER03 (Hyperion)
    HYPER04 (Hyperion)
    MACAW (IT File server - multiple depts - AIS, Athletics, CSS ITACC, IT-APPSDir, IT-FieldAgents, IT-Kit, ITSM, ITWSHare, Psych, UNMDirectory, ERPData, OIPSData)
    MOA (Citrix, SPSS, Matlab License server)"
    Period: 9/7 8am-5pm
  • Virtual Server Maintenance 9/7 8am-5pm

    To add new features and ensure continued vendor support, the Virtual Server Management Toolset will be upgraded Sunday, September 7th between 8am and 5pm. Virtual servers should be unaffected during the upgrade. Users will be unable to use LoboCloud to request servers while the maintenance is being done"
    Period: 9/7 8am-5pm
  • IT Hosted Windows Server File Sharing Services Unavailable, 9/10 10-11pm

    To improve availability, windows file sharing services on CFS1 and CFS2 will be unavailable briefly on Wednesday, 9/10 between 10pm and 11pm, as upgrades are performed on these servers."


  • Help.UNM update announcement from the Help.UNM Redesign project team

    Based on feedback, we have made the following changes to the new Help.UNM self-service page (

    · Improved landing page
    · Improved navigation.
    · Updated the text for logging in.

    Changes will be implemented tonight, 8/19/14. Thank you for your support during this implementation.
    Period: 8/19/14 4:58pm - 11:59pm


  • UNM Departmental Web Sites to Migrate to Upgraded Infrastructure Starting 8/5/2014

    To provide additional security, capacity and features, UNM Departmental web sites will be migrated to new infrastructure starting August 5th at 6am. All key system and software components such as operating system version and architecture as well as MySQL and PHP and Apache will be totally new and allow UNM Web Administrators to use features provided in the newer software releases. For a list of the differences between the current environment and the new environment see


    - Website migrations will be done in batches. For a complete list of websites and to check the status of the website migrations see This page automatically updates the site migration status.

    - Feel free to email with any questions or concerns.
    Period: August 5th at 6am.
  • Special message from UNM Information Technologies and Help.UNM

    The Help.UNM self-service portal, found at, is being revised with a more modern look which will be easier to navigate for our customers. This new look will be implemented on August 3, 2014 and all visitors to will be presented with the new site from that date.

    As a practical matter, on August 3 at 6:00 am, Help.UNM will be unavailable for several hours as the content of the new site is put into place. This should take a few hours at most and is a necessary part of this upgrade. We appreciate your patience during this upgrade, and our Customer Service Help Desk is available from 10am-2pm that day at 277-5757 if you have any support issues.

    We are proud of the work that we are doing to make technology easier to use and more accessible to all on the UNM campus, and hope you find this upgrade to be a great experience.

    Thank you,
    UNM Information Technologies
    Period: August 3, 6:00 am


  • Office 365 ProPlus FREE to Students starting July 28

    Information Technologies (IT) is thrilled to announce that we are making it easier to do your schoolwork by offering Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus absolutely FREE to registered UNM Students!

    Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus includes Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, Outlook and OneNote, and may be downloaded on up to 5 devices that you own and used as long as you are registered for at least one course at UNM. Office 365 ProPlus is available on PC, Mac, iOS, and Android (as Office Mobile).

    Click here for more information on Office 365 ProPlus. "
    Period: July 28, 2014


  • Symantec released virus definitions that generate a false positive Trojan detection.

    Today, Symantec released virus definitions that generate a false positive Trojan detection. Computers with Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) client obtained from the IT Downloads page may prompt users with the following information.

    Event: Risk Found!
    Security Risk Detected: Trojan.Webkit!html
    File: sh165[1].html (or similar)
    Action taken: Deleted, pending side effect analysis or access denied.

    - It is safe for users to ignore these prompts.
    - Deletion of these files by SEP has no known side-effects, at this time.

    Symantec is working to release updated definition files, which are expected to be available sometime today. Once released, SEP clients will automatically download the updated definitions. No further action is required.

    Please submit a Help.UNM incident report via 277-5757 or with any questions or concerns."
    Period: 7/24/14


  • Listserv Mailing Lists

    The fix for this issue and been applied through out most of the Microsoft Office 365 environment to date and will reach all their servers within a few days.
    ******UPDATE 7/18/2015 ******

    The UNM Listserv continues to be affected by a bug in LoboMail Office 365 that causes messages posted to specific UNM Listserv mailing lists (addresses with the "-L") arrive as unreadable text without attachments.

    Microsoft has determined that only postings to specific lists from Office 365 accounts that have six characters in the NetID are affected. Example: might see their list postings get garbled on some lists, but not on others. NetIDs or would not be affected on any list.
    The bug has been corrected by Microsoft engineers, but it could take four to six weeks for the updated software to begin reaching LoboMail Office 365 mailboxes.

    LoboMail users should use accounts with other than six character NetIDs to post to lists or use an external account until the update reaches their mailbox.

    Contact the UNM IT Service Desk at 277-5757 for assistance if you are unable to post to your list.


    Users are reporting messages and attachments posted to specific UNM Listserv mailing lists (where the list name ends in "-L") arrive as unreadable text without attachments. This is caused by changes made by Microsoft to the LoboMail Office 365 environment that have resulted in an incompatibility between LoboMail and UNM's list management software (Listserv) which corrupts hidden message information required to correctly interpret list postings into readable parts and attachments.

    No workaround from within LoboMail has been identified. UNM IT is investigating other short term solutions.

    UNM IT is working with Microsoft, but no estimated time of resolution is available. Updates will be posted to IT Alerts.
    Period: 6/5/2014


  • Voice Mail Interruptions Updated July 8

    The Voice mail system that serves UNM, UH and HSC continues to have issues with port lock ups and delays retrieving messages. If the system (79997) does not answer, simply hang up and call back and the call should be answered. During message playback or while accessing your mailbox you may not get immediate replies from the system, stay on the line or dial back in.

    IT is currently working with the vendor to determine the root cause. This site will be updated with further voice mail outages as we work to resolve the issues.

    Thanks for your patience. "


  • Pagers not forwarding to Cell phone or sending from Applications

    The paging system is currently not forwarding to cell phones or paging from applications. Paging is still available by calling the pager directly from a phone or cell phone. The vendor is working on the issue. Please check for updates. "
    Period: Ongoing 7/9/2014


  • T-Mobile usage

    T-Mobile cellular usage detail for June (7/1/14 billing date) will not be available on the billing portal. IT appreciates your cooperation and apologizes in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact IT Customer Support at 277-5757 or submit a request via Help.UNM at Thank you for your patience."


  • "OneDrive rollout begins today, June 30"

    OneDrive for Business will begin rolling out to UNM students, staff and faculty today, Monday June 30. OneDrive for Business will provide 25 GB of storage space to all users. For more information please search for "OneDrive" in Fastinfo or see this answer:
    The complete rollout may take until July 9. If you do not have access to OneDrive after that date, please contact the IT Service Desk."
    Period: June 30



    To all UNM Students, Staff and Faculty:


    As the news or social media may have informed you, there is a widespread bug affecting the Internet, dubbed Heartbleed.

    To find out more about this bug, please visit

    What UNM is doing:
    The Information Technology department is aware of the Heartbleed bug and has been actively scanning and updating our servers, where appropriate, to address any vulnerabilities. Many UNM services, including Lobomail and MyUNM, are unaffected.

    What you should do:
    Don't panic. Not all systems are vulnerable, and many websites are already installing patches on their systems.

    The best defense against vulnerabilities like this one would be to adhere to these security best practices:
    1. Routinely change passwords.
    2. Using different passwords for different websites, especially your financial websites.
    3. Use your UNM NetID and password combo only for UNM sites and business. Do not use this combination of username and password on 3rd party sites, trusted or not.
    4. Use multifactor authentication when possible. Many sites, like banks, credit unions and even Facebook, now offer this service but do not require it.
    5. Expect new email phishing and social engineering campaigns to take advantage of this wave of fear many users may now have in the wake of this announcement.

    For a comprehensive, updated list of consumer sites affected by Heartbleed, please visit:

    We continue to ensure the University's data is protected and we will keep you updated.

    Thank you,
    UNM Information Security Team
    Period: 4/11/2014


  • Microsoft end of support for Windows XP

    March 10, 2014
    Microsoft has announced that Windows XP, originally released in 2001, will reach 'end of support' on April 9, 2014. End of support means what its name implies, that Microsoft will no longer support this version of Windows, but a more critical issue is that Microsoft will stop issuing security or system updates that will continue to protect your computer from viruses, malware, and other potential security risks.
    Because Microsoft has announced this, you can also expect other software manufacturers to abandon support and development for Windows XP software, making it more difficult to use that particular version of Windows.
    There are 2 recommended actions that you can take if you are using a computer running Windows XP:
    1. Upgrade your PC to either Windows 7 or Windows 8. Please contact your departmental IT representative to get information on upgrading or contact UNM Information Technologies Customer Support at 277-5757 for further assistance.
    2. Purchase a new PC capable of running Windows 7 or Windows 8. LoboMart has a selection of Dell computers available to purchase.
    Period: April 9, 2014


  • Phishing emails targeting UNM Learn users

    Please be aware that some users are receiving phishing e-mails purporting to be from Blackboard. A sample message is below. If you receive one of these e-mails, you should delete it immediately. Do not reply, click any links, or submit any personal information.

    UNM IT Security has been notified of the phishing attempt and are taking steps to minimize the impact as much as possible.

    UNM Learn Support

    New Media & Extended Learning


    Sample Phishing Message (text may vary):

    Subject: New Post: Course Information

    *** Blackboard Post Notification ***

    Information regarding a course has been posted to you on the Blackboard Learning System.
    Kindly click on the "View Information" button below immediately:

    View Information (link omitted)

    Thank you,

    Blackboard Learning System."
    Period: 7/3/2013

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  • Popejoy telephone system (PBX)

    UNM IT Telephone System (PBX) received a lightning strike last evening at 9:30 pm and lost part of the telephone system. We rolled and triaged but seeing intermittent issues this morning - we started working on this at 6:30 am again this morning

    Key buildings effected

    SUB - student union building
    Woodward - MTS
    Parking Structure
    Arch and planning

    Will update once we triage the lightning strike effect."


  • UNM's security is currently blocking and all Heroku's hosted websites/web apps.

    UNM's security product vendor identified and Heroku's hosted websites/web apps as potential security risk and is currently blocking and all Heroku's hosted websites/web apps from being accessible from the UNM networks. The block will remain until and Heroku's hosted websites/web apps are identified as safe again."


  • LoboMail error message that attachments have been quarantined by

    Users are getting an error message stating that an attachment has been quarantined by

    Work around: The work around is to check the attachment name. There can be only one dot in any attachment's file name. If it is filename.something.docx then the . need to be changed to - or be removed. The system is reading it as a double extension. Example: Copy.1. xlsx. should be changed to copy-1.xlsx



  • MAC Book network issues 2/12/10

    We are experiencing system issues that are preventing some MAC book clients from connecting. We are working with our vendor to resolve the issue.