505 - Share WebMail Folders

You can easily share mailboxes with others using UNM WebMail, and control the level of access to selected mailboxes.

For example, you could grant an assistant full access rights to your INBOX, allowing her/him to read, move and delete messages, in effect, managing your email. Your assistant would access your INBOX directly from her/his email account. You can also establish a shared folder for a department or collaborative group.

Setup a Shared Folder

Setting up a shared folder is a two-part process:

First, the person hosting the mailbox (the "Sharer") establishes who the folder will be shared with and the level of access the person(s) sharing the mailbox will have.

Second, each of the persons with access to the folder (the "Sharees") will then set up an "alias" for the folder.

Note: The following directions are for WebMail's default layout ("skin").

Sharing a Folder (the “Sharer")

1. At the Folder(Mailbox) list, click the Folder icon next to the folder/mailbox name you want to share. The folder's Settings will display.

2. At the Access Control List section, in the Identifier text field, type the NetID of the person you will be sharing the folder with. (For more than one person, you must enter each NetID separately. See step 4).

3. Select the level of (recommended) access, as follows:

  •  Read Only - Click to check Select. The Sharee will only be able to read messages. No ability to add/delete messages to/from folder.
  •  Read and Add - Click to check Select and Insert. The Sharee will be able to read messages and copy messages to this folder. No ability to delete messages.
  •  Read, Add and Delete - Click to check Select, Insert and Delete. The Sharee will be able to read messages, copy messages, and delete and purge messages to/from the folder.
  •  Full Access - Click to check all access options except Post (this option no longer used by mail programs). The Sharee can read, add, and delete messages, in addition, the ability to add subfolders and set access rights for others.

See CommuniGate's Access Control definitions for more information about access levels.

4. Click Submit. When the screen refreshes, you may repeat steps 2 through 4 to add additional Sharees. Each NetID must be entered and assigned sharing access separately.

Accessing a Shared Mailbox (the "Sharee")

1. Click Settings on the (upper left) main navigation bar.

2. Click the Folders tab. At the Folder Aliases section, in the Alias Name text field, type a name for the folder/mailbox that is shared with you. It does not have to be the same name the Sharer named it.

3. In the Folder Name field, type the path of the shared folder, e.g., %7eNetID/foldername. NetID is the account name for the person who is sharing the folder and foldername is the name of the folder/mailbox being shared. e.g., ~randall/linuxnotes.

4. Click Submit. The folder will now appear in your folder list. If the folder/mailbox does not appear, click INBOX to refresh the list.