831 - Use SSH in Macintosh to Connect to UNIX

This How To contains instructions for using SSH with Macintosh OS X.

Secure Shell (a.k.a. Secure Telnet or SSH) is a communications package that allows computers to access servers. SSH is used to access UNIX from a Macintosh.

UNIX is a command-line computer operating system that uses client/server technology. This means that the Macintosh is the client connected to the server. You can use UNIX to write and run programs, send and receive email, access UNM’s library database (LIBROS) from a Macintosh in any IT computer pod.

Accessing servers from other remote sites may require different procedures. For help, call the IT Customer Support Services at 277.5757.

Log In

1. Start Terminal by clicking the Terminal icon in the Dock at the bottom of the screen, or go to Applications> Utilities> Terminal. (To place a shortcut in the Dock, click and drag the Terminal icon to the Dock.)

2. At the prompt (similar to d00-129-24-60-238:~nnn$), type: ssh NetID@linux.unm.edu <return>

The first time you connect with MacSSH you may be asked to accept a certificate. Type yes and press <return>.

3. At the password prompt, type your password and press <return>.

4. At the Terminal type? [vt=100] prompt, press <return>.

5. The Linux prompt ($) will appear. This is where you enter commands. For example, you can type quotas and press <return> to check your account space usage.

Log Out

1.  When you’re done with your session, at the $ prompt, type logout or exit to log off the system.

2. To quit Terminal press <command + q>.