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Lobo-WiFi & Network Access Control

NAC Project Summary

Network Accesss Control (NAC) is a centrally managed service to ensure devices connecting to the UNM network have the latest operating system updates/patches and antivirus software. The current deployment requires UNM business and academic community members to authenticate in order to use the UNM network.

This technology is used ensure individuals accessing the UNM network and computing services are authorized to do so. UNM IT does not intend to track user-specific activity related to how a user uses the UNM network and Internet.

Lobo-Guest — offers limited network and Web access and is intended for visitors to UNM and others without a UNM NetID and password.

Lobo-WiFi — offers full network access and is available for all users with a valid UNM NetID and password. Please note that use of this SSID requires a one-time client software "key" for Windows and Macintosh users.

IT VPN service is compatible with NAC, launch your VPN client when using Lobo-WiFi.

About the client software "key."

When you select the Lobo-WiFi SSID, you will be prompted to authenticate with your UNM NetID and password, which then begins the software key download. This is a one-time download. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the download and installation. Administrator rights for the computer are required to install the client key.

Any updates to the software key will be transparent to the user and will occur during a subsequent log in. Users will have to log in each time a connection to the network is desired, however, the key download is a one-time only task.

You may also download and install the software key from the IT Download page.

How do I get to the exisiting Lobo-Sec login?

Follow this link to Lobo-Sec.

What is an SSID?

A Service Set IDentifier is a unique name for a wireless local area network. Sometimes referred to as a network name or network connection. The unique name allows you to connect to the desired network when multiple networks are available in the same physical area.

More information at the NAC FAQ page.



Help also available at IT Customer Support Services (north of La Posada and the east side of the Campus Blvd. parking structure) or call 277.5757.


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The 2007-2008 UNM wireless expansion was made possible in part thanks to a generous donation from New Mexico Educators Federal Credit Union.