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Network Access Control FAQ

What is Lobo-WiFi?

Lobo-WiFi is UNM's campus-wide wireless network. All UNM students, faculty and staff can access the wireless network with a UNM NetID and password. Lobo-WiFi provides full network access including my.unm.edu and Banner.

Why do I have to enter my NetID and password?

Entering your NetID and password is a security measure to validate your assocation with UNM. Lobo-WiFi recently implemented NAC to facilitate this process.

What is NAC?

Network Access Control (NAC) is an authentication system that was recently implemented on the wireless network to strengthen security and safety for all users. NAC requires UNM users to validate their indentity with a NetID and password.

I understand that NAC requires a policy key that I have to download before I can use Lobo-WiFi, is that true?

Yes. The "key" is a one-time only download. Administrator rights for the computer are required to install the client key. The key enables your computer's operating system to properly connect to the secure wireless network. NAC is designed to autheniticate users with the most common operating systems, Windows and Macintosh. After the key is installed, you may use Lobo-WiFi, and it is best to only use Lobo-Wifi. If you use Lobo-Guest with the policy key, you will experience connection problems, such as being disconnected from the wireless network.

What is Lobo-Guest?

Lobo-Guest is a wireless connection with limited network and web access and is intended for visitors to UNM and others without a UNM NetID and password. Lobo-Guest requires that you agree to the terms of UNM Policy 2500, Acceptable Computer Use to use Lobo-Guest.

Where is NAC implemented?

NAC is implemented on all Lobo-WiFi access on campus. Anywhere on campus you use wireless, the SUB, computer pods, classrooms, the Duck Pond, any IT managed wireless access, you will need to log in with your NetID and password.

Is Lobo-Wifi a secure network like Lobo-Sec?


What is Lobo-Sec?

Lobo-Sec is an SSID (Service Set IDentifier) from the original wireless implementation and will be available for a few more months while IT completes upgrades to Lobo-Wifi. The Lobo-Sec wireless connection (SSID) will be phased out.

Do all wireless devices require a NetID and password to connect?

No. Smartphones and iPhones only require that you open a web browser to access Lobo-Wifi.

I am using a Linux OS on my desktop computer and have problems connecting to Lobo-WiFi, what can I do?

If you are using a Linux or Solaris OS, you will not neet to authenticate with a NetID and password, you should only need to open a web browser to start network services like e-mail or an instant messenger.

Is NAC implemented on the wired network?

Yes. NAC is implemented on the network in the student residences (dorms). Students in the dorms may use either Lobo-WiFi or the wired network. The policy key is still required for wired or wireless network access in the dorms.

I've heard the policy key is going to be used to monitor my online activity and that my personal computer information will be used to check on me, is that true?

No.That is not true. The policy key does not enable monitoring of Internet browsing or e-mail traffic. The following information is collected:

  • Media Access Control (MAC) number (this is a unique indentifying number assigned to most network adapters.)
  • NetID
  • Type of device (iPhone, SmartPhone)
  • Operating System version
  • Antivirus version
  • Login time and any IP address change (if your device associates to the wireless network from different areas.)

I've heard that the IT department is using NAC and the NetID/password authentication to monitor what I do and where I go on the network, is that true?

No. That is not true. The use of the NetID and password for authentication ensures that the UNM network is secure from external hackers and virus threats. NAC also ensures that there is enough wireless bandwidth for UNM users and not just the general public. It is important that UNM students, faculty and staff have enough wireless bandwidth to successfully learn and teach.

UNM Policy 2500, Acceptable Computer Use outlines the responsible use of computers and computer privacy.

If I suspect my computer is being monitored, who do I contact?

Contact UNM Audit, 277.5016. The Audit department is separate and external from UNM IT and has investigative authority in the event of suspected or ongoing computer monitoring and privacy violations.



Help also available at IT Customer Support Services (north of La Posada and the east side of the Campus Blvd. parking structure)or call 277.5757.

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