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IT Pod Printing Fees and Credit

Frequently Asked Questions

Why has IT implemented printing fees?
IT is trying to contain and reduce printing costs. For many years IT has paid for printers, ink and supplies out of the IT department budget for IT-manged printers. IT is also doing its part to promote sustainability and accountability.

What are the printing fees?
Single-side prints are five (5) cents each and double-side prints are eight (8) cents each.

How much printing credit will I receive?
Only students who pay a tech fee and are current LoboCard holders, will receive a $10 print credit at the beginning of each semester. The credit can only be used for printing purposes. At the beginning of each semester, any unused print credit funds from the previous semester will be added to the new semester's $10 print allowance.

How many prints will the print credit provide?
If all your prints are single-side, you will get 200 prints (200 sheets). If all your prints are double-side, you will get 250 prints (125 sheets). The amount of prints you receive combining single-side and double-side prints will vary.

How do I check my LoboCard balance?
The dollar amount of your print balance is displayed when your LoboCard is swiped at the Print Release Station. You may also stop by the LoboCard Office, Plaza level of the SUB, to check your balance.

How do I add additional funds to my LoboCard?
You may add additional funds at any time to your LoboCard at LOBOCA$H Quick Deposit.

What if I don't have a LoboCard, where do I get a LoboCard?
If you don't have a LoboCard you may obtain one at the LoboCard Office located in the Plaza Level at the Student Union Building.

What if my print output is damaged or otherwise unavailable, how do I get reimbursed?
There will be no cash reimbursement. Show your damaged print(s) or otherwise inform the Student Consultant (SCON) on duty about your damaged or lost prints and your print job will be redirected to a functioning printer or reprinted after the problem printer is corrected.