Information Technology Services Covered by Policy 5310

Referenced by UNM Administrative Policies and Procedures, Policy 5310 "Information Technology for Facilities"

The information technology services included in the facilities planning processes include the following services. This list is not necessarily all inclusive but may vary depending on the specific project.

1. Inter building campus infrastructure pathway including conduits, ducts, manholes and hand holes.

2. Inter building connections including fiber optic and copper cable and coaxial cable to support voice and data networks, wireless services, security systems, CCTV and other UNM and non-UNM campus services (QWEST, Comcast, etc.).

3. Facilities planning for data centers, PBX and similar equipment rooms.

4. Technology rooms and communications closets, including size, location, power, security, and air conditioning requirements within the building.

5. Communications cabling risers and pathways within the building.

6. Structured cable systems within the building.

7. Educational technology infrastructure in classrooms, labs and non classroom teaching and learning areas including conference rooms.

8. Implementation and installation of systems: