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Classroom Technology Services

IT facilitates the planning, design, development, support and operation of centrally scheduled/Registrar controlled classrooms. Classrooms range from seminar rooms to studio/collaborative classrooms to computer classrooms to large lecture halls.  IT Classroom Technologies supports 150 technology enabled classrooms for UNM students, faculty, and staff.  The team works with faculty to ensure that specific course technology requirements can be met, and works with the budget office to ensure that equipment is on a predictable refresh schedule. 

General classroom design is governed by the Provost sponsored Learning Environments Committee, which is chaired by the Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence.  This committee publishes the Learning Environment Design Guidelines which is used to in the design of UNM's classrooms. 

In addition to providing the range of options described in the LEDG, IT Classroom Technologies sponsors pilot projects where discipline or pedagogy specific approaches call for unique solutions.