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Instructional Technology Space Design

IT provides professional instructional technology space design and consulting for new classrooms, commons areas, conference rooms, outdoor spaces and other physical and virtual spaces in support of teaching and learning at UNM.

General classroom design is governed by the Provost sponsored collaborative Learning Environments Committee, chaired by the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence.  This group publishes the Learning Environment Design Guidelines used UNM's classrooms. The document is then used to guide decisions for new academic spaces in collaboration with the University Architect, Planning, Design and Development and remodels by Physical Plant.

In addition to providing the range of options described in the LEDG, Classroom Technology sponsors pilot projects requiring discipline or pedagogy specific approaches call for unique solutions.  We encourage faculty and academic support personnel to propose innovative pilots which, if successful, can then be scaled and incorporated into UNM guidelines.  Examples of this are the use of IPAD content sharing for music education, a human factors lab, and a studio environment for English stretch and studio.