Limited Capacity Statement

The CIO and IT are dedicated to providing the UNM community with a wireless network that provides a reasonable amount of coverage for use in areas where people congregate such as lobbies, conference rooms or the Duck Pond. This does not guarantee 100% wireless coverage. If extended wireless coverage is required or desired in a specific area, please call IT Customer Support Services at 277.5757, to request a wireless assessment.

It is important to understand wireless network limitations regarding production use and performance. A wireless access point device provides a shared connection to the network for each individual connected. As more individuals connect to a specific access point, the network capacity is reduced. What this means is that if 20 people were taking a test on a web page, response time would be adequate. If one person began streaming an Internet video at the same time, everyone's response time may be reduced. While additional access points may satisfy a particular need, site surveys and proper design are essential to ensuring that more demanding academic or production bandwidth-intensive or load requirements can be met.

The wireless network is intended to supplement the wired network and support portable computers and communication devices such as laptops, Blackberry and Palm.

Devices that are WiFi enabled continue to arrive on campus at a high rate. IT is committed to growing the wireless network infrastructure to meet the demands of students, faculty and staff.