Computer Workstation Management Services

Information Technologies and UNM Purchasing are proud to announce that UNM has established a Strategic Partnership agreement with Dell that provides leadership, community involvement, hardware, software and services related to servers, workstations, accessories, and accompanying support programs for UNM and its communities. UNM departments will continue to make purchases through LoboMart. Dell is extending the University's discount pricing to students, faculty and staff for personal purchases, including UNM standard configurations (laptops, workstations, etc.) at the UNM Dell Premier website.

Efficiency, reliability, simplicity and productivity; words not usually associated with personal computers. Many of us have had the inconsistent experience of moving from one computer to another where the focus becomes the computer rather than the tools and services you use.

The UNM IT Workstation Management Service is a response to the frustration of the inconsistent computing experience. After developing standards based on input from across campus, the UNM IT Workstation Management Service is ready to provide UNM students, faculty and staff the opportunity to realize a high-quality computing experience.

Workstation Management provides computer lifecycle management, from specifications, through purchase and set-up, to management and maintenance, completing the lifecycle with reuse where possible, and finally disposal.

More information about IT expanded workstation services available in the Service Catalog:

Hardware Purchase & Support

Managed Workstation
Self Managed Workstation Solution
Software Purchase and Support
Standard Image Provision & Support