Choosing a NetID

When you apply for your NetID, you may choose your own NetID name. This is the name by which you will be known to UNM’s computer and e-mail system. Many people choose a NetID that is comprised of all or part of their name. For example, Joe Garcia might choose the NetID jgarcia. His UNM email address would be

If the NetID name you choose is already being used, the application will prompt you to choose another NetID.

Rules for Choosing a NetID

  • NetIDs must have a minimum of three (3) characters and no more than 20 (twenty).

  • Use lowercase letters. The NetID is generally not case-sensitive but some sites may require the NetID be typed in lower case letters to access properly.

  • First character must be a letter.

  • Subsequent characters can be letters or numbers; no special characters are allowed.

  • Can be all or part of your name, or any word or phrase you choose. It will be the first part of your email address so be sure it is something you won't be embarrassed by later if a professor or potential employer sees it.

  • Other than your name, don't include any personal data such as your birthdate, UNM ID number, or SSN as part of your UNM NetID.

Create NetID



  • mtoddlincoln
  • ikerumplestiltskin
  • tbell2
  • tinkerb
  • gr8scott


  • 4tinkb (must begin with a letter)
  • ilove$ (all characters must be letters or numbers; no special characters allowed)