Standards for Granting

Information Technologies (IT) has established these standards to ensure The University of New Mexico (UNM) community has adequate computing resources, and that UNM neither subsidizes commercial use of UNM computer resources nor competes with private business.

Anyone who obtains a NetID must certify that he or she has read and agrees to abide by UNM’s Acceptable Computer Use policy.

The following users and groups are eligible to obtain a NetID:

  • Anyone registered for a credit class at UNM (excluding UNM’s Continuing Education Division). Student must be in UNM’s registration database.

  • Anyone employed by UNM and paid through UNM’s payroll system

  • Anyone employed directly by the UNM Hospital

  • UNM departments, faculty or staff who need a NetID for departmental use in addition to a personal NetID. These accounts require department chair or director approval.

  • UNM chartered student organizations. These accounts require the approval of the Director of the Student Activities Center.

  • Non-chartered student organizations that are sponsored by a UNM faculty or staff member. These accounts require department chair or director approval.

  • Temporary employees, or volunteer faculty or staff who have valid University identification but who cannot use the IT Web-based Create a New NetID program. These accounts require department chair or director approval.

Certain persons affiliated with UNM, but who are not enrolled students, faculty or staff may also be eligible to obtain a NetID.

UNM Affiliates and Non-affiliates

UNM affiliates and non-UNM affiliates, such as adjunct instructors, visiting scholars, researchers, and students finishing an incomplete, must have department approval to obtain a NetID. In addition, they must certify that they have read and agree to abide by UNM’s Acceptable Computer Use policy.

A termination date is designated at the time the account is created. The account can be renewed if the NetID is needed beyond that date. It is the responsibility of the account holder and the sponsoring department to renew the account before the termination date.

UNM Retirees

Retiring UNM faculty and staff may keep their NetIDs indefinitely. The NetID should automatically be updated with a retiree role when HR processes the retiree’s paperwork. The retiree does not need to contact IT.


Members of some some agencies, governing bodies, and other organizations, such as the UNM Board of Regents, the New Mexico State Legislature, and the New Mexico Council of Higher Education, may be eligible to obtain a NetID. Accounts may remain active from one month up to three years, and may be renewed as long as the account holder remains eligible. Contact IT Customer Support Services, 505.277.5757 to request a NetID.