Connecting from Off Campus

If you have a connection to the Internet from your home or other location off campus, you can still access your email and other UNM online resources.

DSL/Cable Broadband Service

DSL and cable provide the fastest connections to the Internet.

These high-speed (broadband) connections are usually at least ten times faster than antiquated dial-up connections.

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) is usually offered by local telephone companies in partnerships with ISPs. This service is available via a standard phone (land) line but requires special setup and additional equipment.

Cable Internet access also requires special equipment (cable modem) and there is an additional fee.

The main provider of DSL service in New Mexico is CenturyLink. Comcast is the main provider of cable service. Check their websites for availability and pricing in your area. If you live in a residence halls on campus, you can purchase Comcast Internet service at a discount as part of a Comcast cable package.

IT does not recommend any particular supplier for your Internet service. You should compare costs and services before signing up for an ISP.