On Campus Network


IT Customer Support Services: call 277.5757, or use Ask A Question in FastInfo

Student Life Computer Support: call 277.3200

HSC Help Desk: call 272.1694, email helpdesk@salud.unm.edu
To request network cabling that is not part of a remodel or building project, use FastInfo's Ask A Question feature. Contact the HSC Help Desk (see contact info above) for Port Activation and a HEAT ticket. Please be patient as service requests often require multiple IT groups to complete the work.

UNMH Help Desk: call 272.3282, or email uhhelpdesk@salud.unm.edu.

Gallup:(505) 863.7678
Taos: (505) 737.6264
Valencia: (505) 925.8911

IT Customer Support Services: call 277.5757, or use Ask A Question in FastInfo

Your local support center can help you configure and use network connections on campus.

Port Activation

A network socket (port) on the wall in your office/residence hall room provides the connection to the UNM network. To connect a computer, you plug an Ethernet cable into the port and into the socket on your computer. Ethernet connectors are slightly larger than a regular telephone connector.

The wall port must be activated before you can use it. In most locations, at least one of the ports on the wall will already be active. If there are two or more ports available, start with the top left socket, and work across and down to find the active ports.

Checking Your Port Online

UNAVAILABLE Contact the appropriate Support center for your location to check if your port is active.

Checking Your Connection

For most users, when you connect a computer to a port, the computer will automatically find and use the network connection.

If you believe your port is active, but your computer cannot access the UNM home page, or other network resources, check the cable you are using to attach the machine to the port. Is there any visible damage? Are both ends firmly connected? If the cable seems loose in the wall or computer socket, or there is any damage to the cable or plastic connectors on the cable, discard that cable and try another cable.

If the cable seems to be properly connected and in good condition, and you still cannot access the network, contact the appropriate Support center for your location for further assistance.