Information Assurance Warns of E-Mail Hoax

May 28, 2009 - Staff

The Information Assurance office is warning all UNM e-mail users of a hoax e-mail that has been appearing in mailboxes across campus. The e-mail, which starts with "Dear UNM Webmail online Email Account Owner" and goes on to warn users of harmful virus activity in their UNM e-mail account and that their account will be deleted if the user does not take action, is not an authentic UNM e-mail and all users should delete it immediately.

The e-mail was sent originally from a domain at and is being actively blocked by the UNM system. ITS will never ask for your password in any official UNM-authorized e-mail, so beware of any message that does request this type of personal information. If you have opened the e-mail, please do not click on any links or open attachments in the message. If you have opened the e-mail and attachments or links, contact your departmental IT administrator or the ITS Support Center at 277-5757 for immediate assistance.