ITS and UNM Bookstore Offer Discounted Microsoft Office

May 28, 2009 - Staff

Thanks to UNM and a Microsoft Campus Agreement, ITS and the UNM Bookstore are offering the Microsoft Office Suite and the Vista operating system to all faculty and staff members at a very affordable price.

UNM departments, branch campuses, UNM hospital and Health Sciences can purchase Office Suite CD/DVDs from Software Distribution for $5.00, with an index code or purchase requisition. The Office Suite and and Vista are also available for work-at-home use to individual faculty and staff for $10. Read about the Microsoft Campus Agreement.

Staff and faculty who purchase the software at the Bookstore must show their UNM ID and must sign an agreement that they will use the software only for the duration of their employment at UNM or for the duration of the contract agreement between UNM and Microsoft. The Office Suite is available for both Windows and Macintosh.

Contact Software Distribution Office at 277.8122 or the Technology Store in the UNM Bookstore at 277.3935.