Vision for a Single UNM Email System Sharpens Focus

November 15, 2010 - Staff

eye with at symbol in pupil

During the week of November 8 - 12, acting UNM President Paul Roth and the Executive Cabinet endorsed moving to the next phase of the Email, Calendar & Messaging project. The next phase includes the Task Force investigating solution options through a Request For Proposal (RFP) process and developing an implementation approach in collaboration with the technical team.

During the last few months, the Task Force re-engaged constituents to review the Task Force's findings and recommendations. Feedback from constituents was positive and provided additional considerations. The Task Force's work with constituents provided content for the final report presented to the Executive Cabinet.

Additional considerations include no additional costs or effort for stakeholder groups, differences in needs between north and main campus should be addressed, and Faculty Senate approval is contingent on its group being involved in final product selection and direction.

Refined recommendations include: a) a common underlying technology for UNM that addresses reliability, integration, training, and security issues and enables integration with other UNM systems and support for most mobile devices and provides distributed branding and client independence; b) an infrastructure that enables flexibility, control, and added value, a common directory is required, flexibility and control for academic departments, design to enable departmental identity, allow client options within stated parameters, and the solution should be formally governed with Faculty Senate inclusion; c) leverage the collaborative process to investigate solution options that will improve UNM communication and include the UNM community in the selection; develop a campus-wide implementation process that understands intra-dependencies and resource alignments, scope should include all campus and affiliated users, develop multiple implementation scenarios, cost models, and a time line — accelerated with executive support — for implementations from Fall '11 through Fall '12.

More information about the Email, Calendar and Messaging project may be found at the CIO website.