The Face of IT: Anita Tavasci

December 12, 2011 - Staff

anita tavasci image

Like a breath of fresh air, Anita Tavasci has helped breathe new life into the IT Field Agent Program. Hired as a program coordinator in May 2011, she has been instrumental in helping spread the word about the field agents, getting new clients and contracts in place, supervising student field agents and generally overseeing the program.

"I've enjoyed the job so much," says Anita. "Working with the different customers on campus is very interesting because I get to interface with all different types of people. And working with students in my program is very rewarding. I feel as though they teach me new things every day."

Anita, who worked with the City of Albuquerque prior to UNM, credits both her student employees and IT staff with helping expand her technical knowledge. "The kids are such hard workers, and they really stay on top of things, keeping up with trainings and new technologies. As well, the support of everyone here at IT has been invaluable. Everyone is very generous about sharing their knowledge and technical expertise, and I really appreciate it."

Interaction with others, both customers, staff, student employees and the general UNM community, is her favorite aspect of the job. "I like working at the customer service level, being able to assist people with their needs, and helping them accomplish their own goals," she says. The only drawback, she says, is when student employees graduate and move on. With four children of her own, Anita also feels a certain responsibility and connection with her own student employees. "They're great kids and such hard workers. It's hard to see them go, once they've graduated. I am so happy for their success and I want them to move on in their professional capacity. But I sure do miss them — like a mom would!"

Anita has many ideas for her program for 2012. "I foresee some very good opportunities for the IT Field Agent program at UNM, and I'm proud to be part of such a hardworking group. The people I work with and the opportunities I have are absolutely great. I'm glad to be here at UNM."