New UNM Reporting Tool Now Live

June 25, 2013 - Staff

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IT rolled out UNM’s new reporting tool "MyReports," on Wednesday, June 26.

MyReports will be replacing Hyperion, which will be phased out early in the 2014 calendar year. A list of available reports and more detailed information can be found at the MyReports Info site.

The following questions and answers were selected from the MyReports Info FAQ.

How does this affect me?
If you are a Hyperion user, first we encourage you to use the new reporting tool by beginning to review MyReports Info site, the FAQ, and training options. Then log on to the new tool through In early 2014, all report users must use this new tool as Hyperion will no longer be available.

How do I get access to MyReports?
MyReports (like Hyperion) is based on BAR security roles. You may need to request a new BAR role for some of the newer reports, or your existing roles may be carried over to MyReports. See the MyReports Support page for specific department contact information.

How do I log on to MyReports?
Access MyReports through the MyUNM portal within the UNM Business Applications Channel with the other reporting tools. MyReports is browser based, so you will not need to install additional software to access MyReports.

Will a VPN connection be required to access MyReports?
No VPN connection is necessary when accessing MyReports from any UNM network. Remote access from non-UNM networks ,and unsecured connections will require Juniper VPN. For more information about Juniper VPN, see FastInfo Answer 2090 .

Is training available for MyReports?
While most MyReports users do not require intensive training, some training is actually required, Finance for example. There are a number of training resources available including user forums. For more information see the MyReports Training page, and FastInfo Answer 6891.

Will I still have access to Hyperion Reports?
Hyperion will be phased out beginning in July 2013 and ending in early 2014. Many reports will run parallel in both systems during this period, but you should rewrite all of your reports in MyReports as soon as possible. For assistance, see the Support and Training page, and Finance FastInfo Answer 6892.

How do I access or integrate third party data?
This capability will be available in the upcoming version 8002 upgrade (anticipated in September 2013).

Please continue to check the MyReports Info page for updated information.