Lobo-Sec Wireless Discontinued

January 4, 2016 - Staff

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In order to provide a common user experience across campus, efficiently support users, and protect computing resources, UNM IT has discontinued support of the Lobo-Sec wireless network.

The Lobo-Sec wireless network was disabled on December 23, 2015, for both resource management and security reasons. However, Lobo-WiFi will still be available to users. Our Lobo-WiFi connection has been secured in a much better manner than Lobo-Sec, and will continue to serve our UNM users.

Access to the Lobo-WiFi network will be available to all authorized users without having to download additional software by agreeing to the UNM Acceptable Computer Use Policy, and authentication with a valid NetID login. The connection requires authentication every seven (7) days for continued use of the service via web browser of your choice.

More info can be found by referring to FastInfo #5377.

Should you have any questions regarding Lobo-WiFi, please contact IT Service desk at 505-277-5757.