Data Storage and Backup Services

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Data Storage and Backup Services

IT offer several data storage options to meet your needs:

Windows file storage: IT offers Windows file shares for AD customers. The IT Hosting service offers UNM departments several ways of accessing computer resources, storage, and backup at advantageous prices, all with appropriate security

CIFS: CIFS (SMB) is a shared network filesystem used primarily by windows clients. IT provides this service primarily through the Active Directory Services.  CIFS file shares can be created outside of the AD domain on an as needed basis if absolutely necessary.

NFS: NFS is a Unix filesystem share. It is usually mounted across multiple machines so users as well as administrator can see the same files on different Unix Systems/Servers.

The backup server keeps 30 dailies, weeklies for 90 days (or 12 weeks) and monthlies for 365 days (or 12 months). All backup data associated with this service is copied to an offsite location. Product configurations and add-ons are available as described in the Service Catalog.


Data storage is available in two performance options:

High capacity Sata: $700 per TB per year

High performance SAS: $1728 per TB per year  

Getting Started

Go to Help.UNM to enter a ticket for this service, or call the IT Service Desk at 277-5757 for more support.