Frequently Asked Questions

Program, Use, and Installation

What is Microsoft Campus Agreement?
The Microsoft Campus Agreement (MSCA) is a subscription based licensing program that provides an educational institution with the right to run selected Microsoft software for a specified period. In April, 2009, an agreement was signed that allows UNM faculty and staff to install and use the latest versions of Microsoft Windows and Office for Windows and Macintosh.
Who exactly is eligible?
UNM main and branch campuses departments, faculty, staff; UNM Health Sciences Center and Hospital staff employees.
May faculty and staff use MSCA software for personal use at home?
Faculty and staff may use MSCA software on a personally-owned computer at home, provided that a corresponding copy of the software exists on their university-owned computer at work. Qualified individuals who do not use a computer at work or during the course of work may not install the MSCA software at home.
Does the MSCA indicate that UNM can omit buying the Windows Operating System for future desktop computers purchased by the University or by an individual employee?
No. Windows operating system licenses available via Microsoft Volume Licensing programs, including the Microsoft Campus Agreement are upgrade licenses only. To install the Windows Operating System purchased through the MSCA or from Software Distribution, you must have a full licensed version of Windows installed on your computer. For example, you have Windows 7 installed on your computer, you may purchase Windows 8 Ugrade software. You cannot omit the Windows Operating System from any computer you purchase , nor receive credit from Microsoft or its distributors as a result of the MSCA.
Does the MSCA indicate that UNM can omit buying the Office Suite for new computers the University, or individuals buy?
Yes, correct. Desktop software applications such as the Office Suite do not carry any upgrade requirements. There is no need to purchase software programs. Confirm that you are not paying again for software titles already covered by the MSCA.
May I sell or give the DVD media I obtained via the MSCA to someone else?
No, Neither the media nor any license may be resold. The licenses are not transferable to another person. Any UNM-eligible person possessing the media should have signed official paperwork upon delivery. Microsoft will pursue legal action against any licensing violation.
Do I need a product key and where do I find it?
Software installed on UNM-owned equipment is activated via a server and does not require the manual entry of a product key. Work-at-Home installation CD/DVDs will require a product key located on a sticker on the back of the envelope containing the CD. The key sticker will usually be located on the last envelope of multi-disc sets.
How many times may I install the software?
An eligible MSCA software licensed user may install one (1) copy of each software title. Individuals with multlple qualifying eligibilities are still only licensed for one copy of each software title.
I attempted to install the software and received an error indicating that the product key I entered was invalid, what now?
Errors during software installation (Note: Product Activation is a separate process.) that indicate an invalid product key are usually the result of typing the product key incorrectly. Microsoft titles have a 25 character key comprised of five (5) set of five (5) characters. There may be an eight (8) character part number printed below the key, that eight character key is not the product key. The product key contains Bs and 8s which may be mistaken for the other, please verify that the correct character is being entered. Faculty and staff members still unable to complete the installation on a UNM-owned computer after verifying that the product key was typed correctly, may contact IT Customer Support Services, 277.5757. Work-at-home installers may contact Microsoft Installation Support. Microsoft offers unlimited installation support free-of-charge (long distance fees may apply) for products currently available.
May I install the software title on a new computer?
After you have activated a software title, the unique product key becomes linked to your physical computer in Microsoft's licensing system. If you attempt to install the title on another computer, an error message will display. If you want to permanently transfer the software title to a new computer, you will need to activate the product key by phone after completely removing the software title from the old computer. A charge may be incurred for moving the activation from one computer to another, and Microsoft may limit the number of times the software title is moved and re-installed. It is your responsibility to contact Microsoft and resolve any activation issues. The University cannot intervene on your behalf and cannot provide you with additional product keys. Microsoft Office suites and software titles are licensed to run on one desktop computer an on a second portable (laptop) computer for your exclusive use only. Office installation discs should allow activations on two computers.