Microsoft Campus Agreement

UNM Main and Branch Campuses, UNM Health Sciences Center, and UNM Hospitals participate in Microsoft Campus through the Microsoft Campus Agreement (MSCA). The MSCA provides campus-wide licensing Windows Operating System Upgrade and Microsoft Office.

The MSCA provides UNM departments, faculty, and staff access to Microsoft's popular computer software, the Windows Operating System Update, and Office Suites (Macintosh and Windows) for both campus and home use.

Departments, faculty, and staff who are eligible under the MSCA may purchase the Operating System Update and Office Suites.

For more information about the Microsoft Campus Agreement, see MSCA Frequently Asked Questions.

Eligibility & Cost

UNM-owned Computers

The license (Right To Use) for the software covered under this agreement are available at no cost to departments. The CD/DVD installation disk will be sold by Software Distribution at a cost of $5. per CD/DVD. Software Distribution requires that the order be placed through LoboMart to bill the CD/DVDs. Departments needing to purchase multiple licenses need only purchase one CD/DVD installer disc because the individual licenses are activated via a server.

Faculty-owned & Staff-owned Computers at Home

Faculty and staff at UNM, including the HSC, UNMH, UNM Medical Group, UNM Foundation, and Lobo Energy, are eligible for work-at-home use with certain restrictions. Faculty and staff may purchase a copy of the Windows Operating System and Microsoft Office for work-at-home use from the my.UNM App & Widget Store for one (1) personally owned machine for the duration of employment by UNM for University related business.

Who is not eligible?

  • Alumni
  • Retired faculty and staff
  • UNM employees who do not use a computer at work
  • Visitors
  • Companies and their employees who have been hired on a contractual basis for services on or off campus

Work at Home Rights

Included in the MSCA are Work at Home Rights for Microsoft Windows  operating system and for Microsoft Office, which provides faculty and staff a secondary copy of the software for work purposes on a home personal computer.

Products available for purchase include a current Windows OS, Office, and/or Office for Macintosh. One (1) copy of each title may be purchased from the my.UNM App & Widget Store for $10. per title.

Please note that existing IT policy does not provide support for privately oned equipment, therefore, IT Customer Support Services cannot provide assistance with the work at home program. Note also that most products available to faculty and staff home users have an individual license key. This individual license key means that each CD/DVD has its own unique license number that connot be recovered or recreated if lost.

Windows Operating System

Microsoft Campus Agreement operating system licenses are upgrade licenses that require the licensee to have an existing licensed version of a Microsoft Windows desktop operating system installed on the computer. Full Windows desktop licenses cannot be purchased through any Microsoft volume licensing agreement. A full license can only be purchased as Fully Packaged Product (FPP) through a retail outlet OR installed on a new computer through an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) such as Dell, Sony, Gateway, etc.

Although the Campus Agreement does provide full downgrade licensing (previous Windows versions), faculty and staff work at home users can only purchase the latest Windows OS version through the campus distribution point.

Office Suites

For Macintosh and Windows.