Request a Guest NetID (Non-UNM Individual)

Individual Guest NetIDs are available ONLY for individuals with a UNM department approved association who will NOT be listed in the Banner system. The NetID will provide only basic email and network access. Additional access for library online database or VPN services may be added if approved by the designated area. The Guest NetID will be tied to the department sponsor's information and they must approve any future password resets.

IMPORTANT: If access is needed for Learning Central or other services that require Banner provisioning, please contact the appropriate data entry station to have an affiliate role created for the guest instead of applying for an Individual Guest NetID. When the Banner role is updated, the guest will be able to create a UNM NetID online the following day. See FastInfo #6276, Learning Central visitor access for specifics.

Who can request a Guest NetID?

The requestor should be the department sponsor of the account. This person will also have to approve any future password resets on the NetID. For example, a visiting scholar is working with a UNM professor on a special project and needs network access. The Professor will be the department sponsor in this case. Her Department Chair will authorize the account.

Who authorizes the account?

The approver should be the UNM department chair or program director. Per policy, only UNM department chairs, program directors, or equivalent positions can authorize Individual Guest NetIDs.

When is it NOT appropriate to request a Guest NetID?

If the UNM guest is going to be listed in the Banner system soon OR needs a Banner services such as LoboCard and Learning Central, the department should contact the appropriate data entry station to find out how to have the guest's affiliate role processed. The day after the Banner role is updated, the guest will be listed as an affiliate in the accounts database and the guest will be able to create a UNM NetID.

When IS it appropriate to request a Guest NetID?

Some example cases of when the Guest NetID would be appropriate:

  1. A service department has hired a contractor who will need only VPN access to a server because he is doing the work from offsite.
  2. An instructor has a guest lecturer for one of her UNM Learn classes. The guest lecturer only requires access to UNM Learn. An Individual Guest NetID with basic access can be created, and a request be sent to UNM Learn Support to add the NetID to the specific UNM Learn class
  3. A visiting scholar will be on campus for only a couple of weeks. She needs only network and library access.

Can the Guest NetID be reassigned to someone else later?

Yes, the Individual Guest NetID can be moved at any time to another sponsor's information or to the guest if they are listed in Banner in the future.

Steps to request a new Guest NetID

  1. Log in to with your UNM NetID and password.
  2. Click Make a Request.
  3. Go to the Information Security and Account Access sub-category to find the Guest NetID Request form.
  4. Follow the instructions on the form to submit.

After the request has been saved, the information goes to IT to review. For Individual Guest NetIDs, an approval request e-mail will be sent with instructions to the email address listed under Approver Information.

When IT receives the approval, the creation process will start. The requestor should be able to track the status of their request by logging in to Help.UNM.