Moratorium for Service Updates and Outages

Due to the high impact, high visibility and need for administrative applications and IT services during specific times, IT will continue to have moratoriums.

  • Because it is a fact that every department has a different heavy/critical workload period and it would be impossible to maintain our environment if moratoriums were called for all heavy/critical workload periods, it was agreed that the majority of the moratoriums will exist for systems and supporting services.

  • However, during midterm and final exams week, services used by students such as pod access, web access, printing services and e-mail, must not be compromised and a moratorium will be in effect for those services.

    IT groups will continue to take departmental needs into consideration when scheduling system changes, and not just during the moratorium period.

  • If Network or system changes must be made during the moratorium period, the responsible system group will schedule a period of time for testing by IT staff prior to the workload demand by the students and administrative offices. Procedures for quickly backing out the changes or resolving problems must be in place.

    • CAVEAT: Should a hardware/software emergency occur, hardware and software changes will be made during the moratorium period. The predetermined stand-alone times that Network and System changes usually occur are Tuesday & Thursday or Saturday & Sunday outside of business hours.

  • The IT Moratorium webpage will be used to keep track of the moratorium dates. These dates will then be announced at the Tuesday Change Approval Board meetings, and will be confirmed with the functional groups on campus that will be affected by the moratorium.

  • Moratorium dates will occur during the following time periods:

    • The Wednesday prior to the first student-residence moving in day to the Friday onset by the first day of classes — Fall, Spring.

    • Start of Classes — The business week prior to the first day of classes and the business week onset by the first day of classes (2 consecutive weeks) — Summer.

    • Registration period — The business week prior to priority registration each semester, and the registration week.

    • Midterm and final exams week (six times a year).

    • Calendar Year-end payroll — the last business week of the year which should include the Friday and weekend before the last work week.

Upcoming moratorium periods

  • December 11th - December 16th, 2023: Fall 2023 Final Exam Week
  • January 8th - January 19th : Start of Classes