Whether your wireless computer, laptop, or other mobile device auto detects an available network or it must be manually configured to join an available network, you can select an available UNM wireless connection — technically known as Service Set IDentifier (SSID) — to join. Currently, there are two wireless connections (SSIDs):

Allows Web browsing (both http and https) access for IT-supported VPN clients, DNS and DHCP services, as well as secure email. This connection requires authentication using NetID credentials every seven (7) days for continued use of this service via preferred browser.

This connection is available to everyone, it does not require any passwords to connect and join. This network only allows Web browsing (ports 80 and 443). Users must acknowledge UNM Terms of Use before proceeding, and will be required to do so every 24 hours for continued use of this service via preferred browser.

If you have questions or, you need help connecting to UNM Wireless, get help at the nearest IT computing pod or visit IT Customer Support Services or call 277.5757.


Most buildings and some open areas on the UNM Main campus have wireless access. See the right sidebar for a building list, or Fast Info.

In addition to coverage around the Duck Pond, the Main campus, bordered to the north nearly to Lomas, to the east by Cornell Mall, to the south by Central, and to the west by Yale Boulevard, has access to the wireless network. Generally, if you are near a building with wireless, there will usually be some access in close proximity to the building.